RCB Coin Reviews Review


Website: https://rcbcoin.com

Telephone: +44 20 89822003

Address: 53 Crown St, London SW4 2ZT

About company:

Your best CFD trading experience with a trusted broker
RCB Coin has a lot of positive feedback from traders, which confirms the reliability of the company and the professionalism of the team. At the moment, the company is one of the leaders in providing access to CFD trading in the European and Asian regions. You can see for yourself by opening a real trader account in just a couple of clicks.
Provide free access to CFD trading
Each client of the company receives all the necessary free tools to access online trading 24/7, from anywhere in the world.
Provide 100% security of customer funds
The key task of the team is to ensure maximum protection of client funds by placing deposits in segregated accounts of the world’s largest banks.

3 responses to “RCB Coin Reviews Review”

  1. Don’t get fooled! Deceived. I deposited $150 into my account and even they showed me the profit at first. Then they drained the entire deposit and you will not find the ends.

  2. I also ran into Maxim Alexandrovich Safronov. Another beetle. They work as a team. The girls call the simpletons and pass them on to Maxim. And he further cleans up to the fullest. Those who are not in the subject will be circled in full. The charts are built and the deals are profitable, the increase in funds. Everything is seen. And then blocking on output. And you remain in full f … And then they start to intimidate. The calculation is based on gullible people.

  3. I wonder if there is a deposit insurance function here. That is, I pay some amount and, like, I can not worry about the deposit? but it is not entirely clear what real guarantees are. who figured it out?

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