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MetaJuice is building blockchain-driven assets that unlock the value of the metaverse where users can create, earn, own and shape the future. Through meta tokens such as VCORE and VCOIN, and NFTs.

3 responses to “METAJUICE (VCOIN) REVIEWS”

  1. This month, MetaJuice is fully preparing for the VCORE token launch (only for eligible Discord members outside the United States and Canada). This new metaverse token empowers our millions of monthly active users to participate in shaping the future of the metaverse and benefit from growing the web3 economy.

  2. Join the discord for a chance to be part of our growing community of gamers, blockchain enthusiasts, and future rewards. VCORE Discord members are the first to reap these benefits!

  3. The start of the year has been a thrilling time for MetaJuice, with several exciting achievements to celebrate. This month, our social metaverse, IMVU, hit a major mass adoption milestone with one million native wallets actively holding crypto on-platform!

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