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About company

Earn money everywhere with CapitalCR

With the mobile version of our platform you can earn money anytime and anywhere. Keep your finger on the pulse: instant information on closing deals, promotions and tournaments.

Do you want to earn money by trading on the stock exchange without risk?

To make a profit, there is no need to buy the asset itself. You just need to enter into the transaction, make the correct forecast, the price will rise or fall. The size of the price change is not necessary to determine – only the direction.

Suggest You to start with CapitalCR with the section “History and mission of the company.” If You decide to use the services of the company, be sure to thoroughly study the section ” Terms and agreements”. You can contact the specialists of the company or visit our office by finding the necessary information in the “Contacts” section.

We hope that Your cooperation with CapitalCR there will be long term and will make every effort to make the most of its best!

3 responses to “CAPITAL CR REVIEW”

  1. Binary options are always a risk, and there is no demo account for risk-free training. This should be taken into account by those who plan to cooperate with CapitalCR. However, in general, there are opportunities for earning here. The main thing is to act professionally and understand that you can lose everything. I haven’t dropped the budget yet.

  2. My parents suffered at the hands of swindlers. They had long wanted to start binary options trading, had taken several courses and were already savvy. But they did not take into account the fact that this office is fraudulent and a priori is not going to fulfill the agreements. As a result, they lost their capital in just a couple of days, a large amount was lost.

  3. Top broker, you will not regret working with this company. CapitalCR provides services of a personal financial analyst, training, generous bonuses. I think that there is everything you need to make money on binary options. There are no problems with payments either, I have already taken profit several times.

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