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Address: Woodside, Cozens Lane West, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, EN10 6QL

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About company


Williams Trading was founded in 1997 to create a world-class equities execution platform for an elite group of hedge fund managers. Today we have grown into a full-service firm that provides not only state-of-the-art trading solutions, but also investment banking and capital markets services, and custody, fund administration and other institutional fund services (through partners).

Among other innovations, Williams pioneered a team approach to trading, taking an experienced group of traders with diverse backgrounds, skill sets and relationships, and combining them with the industry’s most current trading technologies. Ultimately, we provide our clients – including many of the world’s most widely recognized and talented fund managers – an unsurpassed pool of trading expertise, often impossible to duplicate at scale for an individual fund manager.

Williams Trading is now considered by many to be the standard by which to measure success in equity trading. Our capital market and fund services offerings deliver that same level of success to both corporate issuer and institutional manager clients. Please see the Solutions section for more information about the full range of services we provide.

For over 23 years, the team at Williams Trading has


  1. What kind of bastards are these, there are simply no words !!! They divorced my parents, who saved up money to go somewhere normal to relax at least once in their lives. They gave them noodles and money bye-bye.

  2. And I also think … something is not purely why Williams Trade painted their trading conditions so sparingly. It turns out that they specifically do not write anything specifically, and then they come up with everything on the go. At first they told me that to start I need to deposit at least 250 bucks, and when I deposited, they called me again and said that according to the conditions they have to immediately pay a bunch of fees, otherwise I won’t be able to trade. Then a bunch of nuances began to be clarified, and so I heard that I had transferred almost 2000 bucks to them. Do you think they gave me at least something to earn? Craps!!!! When I stopped investing money, they blocked my account and stopped answering calls. Yeah, it’s pointless to fight them.

  3. Damn, why not write in more detail about the proposals ??? I was already tempted to call the technical support and clarify. It’s good that at least they pick up the phone on time.

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